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With todays home prices being what they are, I completely understand why a home owner might try and save the cost of hiring a professional to sell their home. With values dropping it a record pace it is somethimes the only option many homeowners feel like they have. So in that frame of mind I of...
Producing Top Producers   We take great pride in offering to our agents the most comprehensive, risk free opportunity to build a real estate career. We believe that the company you choose must provide an environment that fosters and rewards your growth. No matter where you want to go with your r...
ERA Martin Associates and Shawnee State University of Portsmouth Ohio have teamed up to offer satellite Real Estate Classes. The Course is 120 class hours and is recongized by Shawnee State University. The subjects covered are Real Estate Principles and Practice, Appraisal, Finance, and Law. whi...
WORKING WITH A PROFESSIONAL   What are the advantages of using a real estate professional to help me buy a home? Buying a home is certainly one of the most rewarding experiences most of us ever have; it's also one of the most challenging. If you're buying for the first time, the process may seem...
FSBO   Can I sell my house myself? Many people believe they can save a considerable amount of money by selling on their own. They look at the average commission on a house and remember stories of friends or relatives who managed to get through the process with seemingly little trouble. "Other pe...
ERA Commitment To Clients Our commitment to keeping you well informed. At ERA Real Estate, we don't think of a house as just a piece of property. We see it as your home, the center of your family's life, the very special place where your children grow up, where you welcome your neighbors and frie...
American Is Still Great   I hear all this talk about change, but what is Obama really planning on changing. Change for the better is good, but change for the worse is not. America has a lot of problems, that I can not deny. But she is still the last great hope for freedom and democracy in this si...
Yahoo published an article this week that stated 1 in 6 home owners are upside down with their home mortgage. If true, this means that a lot of of home owners owe more on their home than the market will pay them. Which means that in order to sell their home they would either have to bring additio...

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