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I was in San Francisco two weekends ago to speak to an investor group and when I was in town I saw an amazing site which turned out to be the new SalesForce building. When completed it will be the tallest building west of Chicago at 1070 feet and it dwarfs the skyline there. I should have taken a...
Our general contractor who is doing a major remodel to our Jupiter Florida condo just got there and reported no damage but no power. If all we have as a problem is no power then we are in much better shape than those who lost their homes or had flood damage. We had left Florida last Wednesday ahe...
Labor Day weekend on our ocean beach walk in Jupiter always gives us something new besides the locals we have become friends with over the last two years. Charlene and I would trying to determine if the dogs were into this or just pleasing their owners. I do give them props for their absolute sta...
Last month we had a contest about being human and the many things we do other than helping people buy and sell property to benefit those other than ourselves. We are finishing up on this 2.5 week stay at our place in Florida and other than one rainy morning we walk the beach in the morning. We ma...
We will spend about 75 days at our place in Florida this year. Normally when we are in Oklahoma City we spend some alone time in mediation and solitude to imagine the day we would like to have. Sometimes our thoughts will expand to the future but why we love it here is that the ocean brings so mu...
Early July I went to Israel to talk to investment groups about Oklahoma City rental real estate. Although I have been dealing with Israelis for over 13 years this was my first trip there. I could do a travelogue about my experiences but for this video i will stick to what I learned there. I spoke...
Charlene and I have owned our Florida condo now for a little over 1.5 years and we are down here right now enjoyed the ocean and the heat but back to the condo. When we bought it we got a good deal and we thought we had our eyes wide open knowing we would put money into it for upgrading deferred ...
This week we got up to a beautiful morning by the ocean and were greeted with this site. It reminds me of how growing up I never thought about the ocean and didn't see one until I was 17. Now the ocean draws me ever closer and although not possessed with an abundance of water signs, it is where I...
http://virtualrealestateteam.com. This year I have been dealing with a lot of first time real estate investors who have chosen Oklahoma City as a low risk positive cash flow city. There is much education to do with them on that first property and the questions about a home insurance plan is almos...
As I have said many times I do not possess a green thumb not do I enjoy the act of gardening. I am not saying there is anything wrong with loving gardening it just isn't me. When my gardening is best is when I hire someone else to do it. My wife is equally as bad at it. Our front beds are full of...

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