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Jay is one of the best inspectors I have never met. This particular post on using thermal imaging to determine if a seal is broken is highly unusual. Most if not almost all inspectors I know do not do thermal imaging test in Oklahoma City. The idea of determind if a seal is broken if it became st...
Oklahoma City real estate market conditions for 2017 are not like others in the United States. While most markets had severe shortages of available properties to buy, Oklahoma City saw an increase over 2016 of 18.3%. One of the reasons is a stable economy but also unprecedented population and job...
Margaret Rome, Baltimore Maryland wrote a post on Time is of the Essence and it reminded me of the three principles I learned from my teacher in 1989. The second was location location location, but the third is what I am writing about. I commented to Margaret about and I put the third principle i...
I think it was around 1953 and for a six year old the coming of Santa Claus was the event of the year. We lived in an old classic bungalow home with high barrel ceilings so we always had a very tall natural tree every year. My favorite activity was throwing on the tinsel after all the bubble ligh...
I just got back from San Francisco where I spoke at the last real estate investor meeting of the year for the group that is my main focus. One of the perks of what I do with investment real estate is going to San Francisco 4 times a year and Tel Aviv once a year. The air this weekend was crisp bu...
One of my 12 thankful posts was about MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston Texas. In 2008 I received first class treatment and I gave thanks for it. Today I want to specifically thank the dental department for their caution and concern about my teeth and bones. When you have head and neck cancer ...
My 70th birthday is rapidly approaching and let's hope that with age comes wisdom, my wife isn't also so sure about that with me. However, if one wants to keep it going in a healthy and productive way there is one quality you absolutely need, and that is to be FIERCE! Too many of my friends just ...
In the years past I have tried to be helpful in my business and in my life. I have been involved in getting more young people participating with art museums, I have headed fund raising groups that helps local people with HIV/AIDS, raised money for adult centers, and done cancer support. In all th...
This is the end of the line for the 12 day challenge but certainly not the end of the line for being thankful. What I have seen for posts is one of the best contest I have been involved with and so on this final day I want to speak to the commonality.Thankful For Significant others: The most comm...
First of all I must be getting old and forgetful. I had posted that we were about to do the 49th Turkey Bowl and I forgot about ten years. We started when we were 10 and we are all about to hit 70 so maybe I should have used one of those techie devices called a calculator. That being cleared up i...

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