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I have been in the real estate business now for 28 years. I still do it not because I have to anymore but because I want to. What is the strange thing is that in the 70th year of my life I am having by far the biggest year also. I am not over worked, over anxious, or subject to panic attacks. In ...
It was Christmas 1987 and a family tradition was all of us going to the movies together. My Mom and dad were still alive and we loaded up to go the multiplex. The shows looked terrible that year so on a lark we went to see Back to the Beach. I grew up on the beach movies of Frankie Avalon and Ann...
Yesterday the tide had come far up the beach in the morning, but I wasn't going to let this damn cold stop me from one of my pleasures of being by the ocean. The walk however came with considerable hazards, Portuguese Man-O-Wars where all over the beach, and some of them very small and disguised ...
I got into Jupiter to join my wife here on the 12th. January even in South Florida can be variable. The day i arrived it was a high of 81 but then in a few days it had a low in the 40s. Needless to say I will walk the beach every day. That first morning it was calm and pleasant in shorts and tee,...
2017 was a year that would be tough to beat. We had record sales but still found time to be at our Florida home for three months. It was also the year where I asked myself the question, how much longer? 27 years in the business, 70 years old, and enough money to say sayonara to real estate. The p...
After owning retail electronic stores for 16 years I entered the brave new world of real estate in 1989. I brought a lot of sales and management experience with me so my first year was very successful with 46 closed homes. I am not saying that I made no mistakes, I made a lot of them, but none fa...
I value time over most everything so anything that saves time so in addition to tech and Amazon Prime Green Chef supplies us with three premeasured organic meals every week. Last night we had rare seared tuna served over a spicy chipolte tomato sauce, a side salad, and jicame fries. Tonight we go...
Last Friday while we were still in Jupiter Florida we got up early as is our nature to do our daily walk by the ocean. The first things we noticed was 5 to 8 foot waves which hadn't been the norm. The second thing we noticed was an abundance of surfers, over 100 for sure. This is an usual site on...
What a year it has been for Oklahoma City real estate investments and thank all of you for your support. 2018 has already started off with a record amount of pending investor sales and this will be the biggest year for Oklahoma investments since 2006. We anticipate that home ownership to decline ...
The ocean this morning was as calm and as quiet as I have ever seen it. The surface was like glass and the waves come in quietly making only a noise as it hit the sand. This was a perfect day to clear the mind of all whi9te noise and listen to inner voices. What came to me quickly was the song ly...

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We want to inform you of economic and demographic information in Oklahoma, as well as alert you to unique investment opportunities in both residential and commerical real estate. We also will step outside of our state to comment on important news and events as they shape our real estate world. This blog has opinions but is not dogmatic. We hope for open dialogues that make us all better Realtors that give exceptional service to our communities.