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My whole life has been one of conditional love. Now I am not some bitter old man complaining about his lot in life because conditions sometimes are OK like when you promise to be faithful in marriage, that condition is OK. The unconditional love which is rare indeed has come from animals, and for...
Yesterday was the Annual Paws in the Park adoption festival in Carlin Park, Jupiter Florida. In is a huge event with many vendors and most importantly, adoption. Charlene, Henri, and I took this in for the second straight year and to say there was a bunch of dogs there was an understatement. Mult...
I grew up in Oklahoma City and it is still my primary home and my place of business. If you know Oklahoma City which I assume most don't, then you know that we are pretty much as flat as a pancake. It is really not a city of natural beauty, far from it. It is an easy city to live in with great ro...
I have so much to be grateful for but for me I would like to start with my cancer treatment at M.D. Anderson in Houston. I had great Doctors and great support from my girlfriend who is now my wife. However, in this post I would like to give credit to the two young twenty somethings who were my ra...
In Oklahoma City we feel lucky if we have a week of Fall colors. Typically we go from very hot to vary cold this time of year and our leaves go from green to zip. This year has been betteer than most and walking Henri this morning in the neighborhood I cam across this tree that seemed to want to ...
I am an Oklahoma City real estate investment specialist and this is my introduction to a 13 part series on all the aspects of investing. Much of it involves Oklahoma City but issues like what kind of insurance do I need as a landlord pertains to many markets. I have been off YouTube for quite som...
I have seen a lot of tributes to Aretha Franklin and the accolades are all deserved. On Soul Town Channel 48 on XM radio it became a two day all Aretha channel with music and spoken tributes. But what a lot of people don't know is that before she got to Atlantic she was originally with Columbia a...
Back in the late 60s Carlos Castenada came out with the book, Conversations with Don Juan, a Yaqui way of knowledge. Many of us back in those days were drawn to what peyote could do to the doors of perception but a larger message was missed if that was the only way you read the book. My poodle He...
I know this is hard to believe but my wife had never watched The Princess Bride so we had it on the other night. I can quote many lines since I have seen more times than I can remember, but one line caught my attention. It is when the Man in Black has defeated Inigo Monyoya, the giant, and Viceni...
It's sea turtle hatching season in Jupiter Florida, and when you walk the beach, the places where eggs have been laid is clearly marked and we all respect those areas. It really is fun to be walking the beach and seeing the little ones do what all little sea turtles have been doing for thousands ...

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