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I just read an article on Wired about 200,000 high quality photos available on a site called Upsplash. The owners consider photos a lost leader for future monetization so I was excited for a new site like this to come into existence. The site has been used for photos by none other than facebook a...
Like a lot of you I have taken personality test and aptitude test to help me discover what are my best strengths and all of them have been helpful. However using these test to determine strengths and weaknesses are a narrow way of looking at them and also in my opinion an inferior way. Probably t...
First of all I want to thank Jeff Dowler for creating this contest on a very important topic of work-life balance. Second, I would like to say i have seen so call gurus create a lot of crap about what they think is the percentage balance you need or the absolute right way to do this and please bu...
Maybe the word porn and Sunday doesn't exactly go together but on Sundays my mind always turns to food I love and enjoy. Above is a picture of the grilled dolphin fish Duke's serves for lunch. Not only is the fish delicious but the ample portion of rice and black beans is truly amazing, along wit...
Jay Markanich at www.jaymarinspect.com is a regular blogger on Active Rain. I find his reports to by illuminating and his insights worth sharing. Please read his post about pressure treated wood and if you want to know what a great inspector looks for Jay is one to follow.  Pressure-treated wood ...
After a lovely two weeks walking the beach at least once a day and often twice I am off the 5 mile walks and back to the inside life of Oklahoma City. Florida is always good for ten miles a day and walking at least 4 miles in soft sand really does give you some calf development. With two walks a ...
OK, this is not some major revelation on par with The Secret so no mystical crapola, it is just that success is what makes you feel good about yourself, your life, and what you value. After 26 years of pounding away in real estate I live for the moments where a go from the sidewalk to this pathwa...
I have sold investment property for 26 years, I own a property management company, and my wife and I have owned investment real estate for many years. If you do this kind of real estate long enough you learn as you go and one thing I know is an 800 credit score is outstanding but does not make fo...
It has been awhile since I made any offers on MLS listed properties but in 26 plus years I have so I want to state some obvious factors in getting offers accepted but maybe we do forget sometimes what is essential and basic so i want to state my three obvious ways of getting a seller to respond t...
Back in October of 1989 I embarked on a real estate career that came 16 years after being a retail electronic stores owner. I entered in a foreclosure oriented market of HUD and VA repos among others so it was natural for me to get investors by default. You know the I have cash when everyone else...

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