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When I visited Jerusalem with my real estate friend from Tel Aviv, Lior and I had to put on skirts to enter the Muslim area since we had shorts on. Before you think that this is just Islamic, when we went to the Church of the Sepulcher and went into a small area where Jesus was supposed to be bur...
I found the picture of the entree I had in Jaffa so I thought I need to share that picture also. By the sauce you can see that it is not like any Osso Bucco you would get served anywhere else. Needless to say I kept eating beyond my stomach saying no you have had enough. I will now go home and of...
I had to share about the food I had even though I can't remember the name of the restaurant. I will look it up and hopefully find it. I ordered a prickly pear with cheese appetizer because that isn't served in Oklahoma. For an entree I normally don't eat meat but when they have an Arabian version...
Today was my last day to be a tourist in Israel and the next three days will be all about business. Instead of going with Amir my old friend, I was with Lior instead, a 26 year old who spent 6 years in the Israeli Navy who bought his first investment property at 18 and who I met at my Sunday meet...
I grew up with old movies on television and every year around July 4th the story of George M Cohan played annually. I have lost count of the times I have seen this movie and Jame Cagney is not only perfect for the role his unique style of dancing is like no other you can ever see. For the rest of...
After spending 15 days walking by the ocean for our five mile morning walk in Jupiter Florida, I cam back to the hot but not humid city of Oklahoma City. As I have blogged before, when you get older and I am a senior citizen, you have to work harder at your exercise and health regimen. The good n...
June is typically the hottest mont with the most demand for Oklahoma City property rentals. Every market has some seasonality to it and in Oklahoma City we are a very school driven market when it comes to single family homes. School is out in May and it typically starts up again in the middle of ...
Credit restrictions have continued to ease up and the 20% down minimum down payment for Fannie Mae investor loans has now been changed to where you can buy an Oklahoma City investment property for 15% down with mortgage insurance added. The good news is that you can go up to the 10 mortgage Fanni...
When I work with investors who want to build wealth buying Oklahoma City investment real estate they typically buy 5 or more. They may not do 5 at a time but depending on their age, financial ability, and what their ultimate strategy is they buy at least 5 and usually more since Fannie Mae goes u...
After 26 years of selling Oklahoma City rental property I finally got fed up with working with many of the property managers in Oklahoma City. Too many had gotten large and the level of service went down, rents went down, and the quality of employees also where they were just filling positions wi...

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