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Hi everyone, long time no post! In fact I just looked at my profile and it was 5 years our of date so what brings me back? Artificial Intelligence. I have been reading some negative comments are AI and I think you may be missing the boat and you definitely want to sail with this one. You have bee...
Let's face it, the federal governments response since January has been inept and has put many more Americans at risk. It wasn't a hoax and it wasn't political. I still can't get tested in Florida, and we are finally approaching a total number of test in the US that equals what South Korea test in...
I live in two cities, Oklahoma City and Jupiter Florida. I flew back a week ago after speaking at a conference in San Francisco. My wife stayed in Florida and was flying to OKC to join me but no more. Today I fly to Florida to join my wife there on a one way ticket, unsure of when I will be back ...
I am about to leave San Francisco after arriving on Friday afternoon. I come here to speak to a large real estate investment group 4 times a year but this one was different. We went into town Friday afternoon and I was shocked at how empty the streets were. The line for the cable car turnaround a...
Jim Brumback has been my go to home inspector for the last 14 years and at time you think of relationships like this as a marriage. Jim came to me because he knew I was selling a lot of new homes to California investors and had recently been licensed in Oklahoma for home inspections. He asked me ...
Back when I was young and I faced challenges in my life my Dad would say son, you're buckin' a headwind, meaning the forces of nature are against you. I was reminded of this when I flew into Jupiter Florida for our December holiday. There was trouble brewing back home with the head of our propert...
Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipote...
On this final gratitude post on the day of Thanksgiving I wanted to reflect on reflection. Reflection should never be about self incrimination for failings or what went wrong since that is a part of life. What is is for me is something that comes out of quiet and solitude. In Oklahoma City I like...
All of my gratitude post in the November contest have been about people and their impact on my life but I have to share one post that is something that is a luxury that I enjoy and now I have hooked my wife on, traveling first class both domestic and international. Charlene and I are not people w...
How many people do you have in your life that you can't wait to see again or interact with again? This can happen in different types of relationships but the significant part is how they make a difference in your life. I would like to highlight three of these relationships and how they have affec...

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