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Mortgage industry news and insights from a 15+ year industry expert. Mortgage and Real Estate News You Can Use
If you’re like many renters, you rent because you think you can’t afford a home. Maybe you don’t have down payment money or you think you simply won’t qualify for a loan. To make matters worse, you feel trapped within the walls of a house or apartment that doesn’t feel like yours. How could it wh...
FHA to Real Estate Agents. We need each other.Good loans? YES. Minneapolis, MN: Low-down payment FHA loans are the best, or only option for many buyers, but FHA loans are wrongly viewed negatively by many listing agents.The 3.5% down payment requirement makes FHA loans an important financial tool...
Are Home Values Declining?Minneapolis, MN: There has been many predictions of a decline in home values because of higher mortgage interest rates, but it simply hasn't happened. Matter of fact. Home values just keep rising.For all you home buying and selling fence sitters, a bit of good news as mo...
Are starter homes still a thing?Minneapolis, MN: In today's real estate market, "starter home" means something very different than it did 20 (or even 10) years ago, and finances have much to do with that. So, let's reframe your thinking around what a "starter home" is, and that's simply a great p...
Is NOW a Good Time To Buy A house?Minneapolis, MN: Pick your poison... Buy now, and refinance when mortgage rates come back down? Or wait to buy, and watch house prices keep rising, getting more expensive while you sit on the sidelines?Cambria Mortgage is dedicated to providing opportunities for ...
What is the "Lock In Effect"Minneapolis, MN: Simply put, so many people have low mortgage rates, they don't want to buy or move with today's current higher interest rates.  But is that a mistake?First Time Home Buyers still make up a large number of buyers. Whether you're buying your first or you...
Homeownership has many benefits.According to multiple sources, here are the top 5 advantages of homeownership: Financial stability: In terms of both lifestyle and monetary stability, buying a home provides a new sense of reliability to first-time homeowners. Financial strength: If you are a first...
Minneapolis, MN: Should you keep renting, or is it time to buy? That is a question may people are asking right now.You have to live somewhere, and that somewhere almost always should be your own home, plus the benefits of homeownership generally mean, no matter what is going on in the real estate...
Real Estate Realities:  2021 vs 2023Should you buy a home now that mortgage interest rates have gone up? YES. The real estate and mortgage market is very different today than it was as recent as March 2022.Joe Metzler, a Senior Loan Officer with Cambria Mortgage in St. Paul, MN does some math and...
Looking to buy a home in today's market, and not liking the current interest rates?Can't blame you, but it is still a good time to buy a house, as today's rates still make it cheaper to own than overpaying did during the housing bidding wars of 2020 and 2021 with lower interest rates.With over 50...

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Mortgage industry news and insights from a 15+ year industry expert. Mortgage are Real Estate News You Can Use. Joe is a Certified Minnesota Mortgage Specialist, who provides home mortgage loans not only in the Minneapolis, St Paul area, but all of Minnesota and Wisconsin.