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Do you have a Domestic Partnership in Seattle? If you do there is a way for you to take title. There is a piece of legislation called the Domestic Partnership Expansion Act that does not have all the same rights of marriage but does give property right to domestic partners. Have a question please...
What is Tenancy in Common in Seattle? It is similar to joint tenancy but the interest in the property is not required to be equal and can be assigned at different times. One other key element is that there is no right of survivorship. Each party owns an interest and upon their death vests in thei...
Some people choose to use Join Tenancy to purchase property in Seattle. The main reason people take title in joint tenancy is the right of survivorship. When one party of the joint tenancy dies. the title to the property transfers to the surviving joint tenants. This type of title ownership is us...
If you are considering buying Real Estate in Seattle, then you need to know about Community Property in Seattle. According to Washington State law; if a married man or woman buy property while they are married and it is not purchased as separate property then it is assumed to be community propert...
There are many way to taking title to Real Estate in Seattle. A Single Man/Woman: A man or woman who is not legally married. If you are not currently legally married this is how you should take title. An Unmarried Man/Woman: If you are a man or woman who was legally married and is now legally div...
This post concludes our series on Real Estate Terms. Vesting, Waive, and Warranty Deed all have to do with your relationship to a parcel of real property.  To email me questions click here. Vesting in a property is the name, current status, and manner of title of ownership in real property. Waive...
When we are talking about a Survey in Seattle we are not talking about questioning a lot of people for their opinion. We are talking about a land survey. You can always reach me here for questions. So what is a survey? It is a depiction on a map of real property. The survey is performed by a lice...
When you execute a quit claim deed in Seattle you are releasing your interest in real property. This is a type of deed that passes title, claim, or any interest in the property. The important item to note is that a quit claim deed does not include any type of warranty of title. There are many ins...

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