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Often times there is mis-information about water heaters and their maintenance.  Reuben does an excellent job in putting mis-information to rest while offering great advice.  Enjoy...  I've read a lot of water heater installation manuals, and they all give the same advice on water heater maintena...
Print advertising is dead, or at least on it's deathbed. San Francisco's Board of Supervisors voted 10-1 to pass legislation restricting the delivery of phone books to only those folks requesting a copy. The legislation will face a customary second reading next week of which is expected to pass m...
Recently, my wife and I were introduced to the iPad search app. All sorts of wonderful features, however, the one feature that stands out as having the greatest potential is the Area Scout feature. See the first video demo below. The other day, we were with clients and turned this fea...
The people of Walmart.  After viewing the video I'm starting to think our Equal Housing Opportunity disclaimer statement is not satisfactory enough.  Perhaps including items such as, hair style and the placement thereof, amount of (excess) skin on display, unusual usages of strings when dressing,...
What does Cancer, Dancing, Dinner, Wine, and an Auction have to do with each other?  Well, Stomp Out Cancer is a fundraiser benefiting the American Cancer Society and you are all invited Saturday, May 21st!  Preston Premium Wines is hosting this event.  Nothing more fun than seeing a bunch of cow...
Cassandra, my (our) daughter graduated from Washington State University this past winter and walked yesterday to receive her diploma.  I couldn't be more proud of her.  She has always known she wanted to teach kids and set out at age 16 on her first year of college to do so.  At age 20 she not on...
HubSpot posted a great article on personalization's effect on marketing. I think the article is a must-read for all of us who take marketing seriously. Among the many points made, here are a just a few I appreciate: #8. "The future is in making websites, products, or experiences personal in a dee...
Seemingly quietly, ActiveRain has been sold? AgentGenius posted a rather interesting article on what AG says is the sale of ActiveRain and there has been a number of comments, many by ActiveRain loyalists. 40+ last time I checked.  I checked a few places and have not read anything further on the ...
My wife and I are in Denver attending a seminar for our real estate business. This guy in the airport asked me for a kiss, so I obliged him. Since all bald guys are beautiful, I couldn't resist.  Ladies, because bald guys are so incredibly sexy, please maintain your composure while viewing my (ou...
We are proud to announce the establishment of the endowed Gwen Leth Lecture Series at the Hanford Reach Interpretive Center. This lecture series will be dedicated to topics which have impacted local, state, national, and international history, including the Manhattan Project at Hanford. More impo...

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