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It DOES Make a difference who you spend time with! You've heard me (and many others!) say "what you focus on expands". If you surround yourself news and people who give you more evidence of how tough it is...it's easy to buy into excuses for your own results. If you want to attract and create mor...
My birthday is in March! I really wanted a Kindle, but I think this will do :>) After weeks of speculation and excitement Apple has finally introduced its revolutionary new device - the iPad. Internet, email, photos, video, iTunes, iPod, iBooks, maps, notes, contacts, and calendar. This is all pa...
I love it when I find a new book that is inspiring, fun and a quick read! Anna Bannana gave it such a good review, reblogging seemed a smart thing!Cosmic Cow Pie...Connecting the Dots - Book Review Once upon a time an Arizona desert dweller was walking around wondering why Cosmic Cow Pies kept fl...
"I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder." - GK Chesterton I love ending of one year and the beginning of a fresh new one! Last week, the subscribers to my Tuesday Tips Newsletter got a beautiful New Year's card instead of a ...
I love Terri's post because I have seen people be VERY successful by just having a very clear vision. Don't make it complicated..just know what you want and the focus on it. What you focus on EXPANDS!!!Do you have a motto for 2010? I admit I am not a "goal" setting woman. I write lists - lots of ...
I've said it before: I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!! I love the whimsy. I love the joy. The carols. The thoughtfulness of others. And, I do love presents....But let's STOP buying and giving STUFF! This week, I listened in on an interview my wonderful step-daughter, Coco Fossland conducted with Sue Rasmussen...
Well, it's here, isn't it? Another December! The great news is that each of us still here too. We haven't starved. We have food. We have an unlimited range of possibility. AND, it ain't like it used to be, is it? Since we just celebrated all the things we have to be thankful for...that's a great ...
Last week, I hosted a free teleconference with a few friends, sharing what we thought were the "Best of the 2009 NAR Convention." If you'd like to listen in ......  the recording of The Best of NAR Convention 2009 call is here. I'd like to thank my friends who joined me in sharing their insights:...
Thankfulness is good all the time and I so love we have a holiday for it. Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday (Gotta confess I LOVE Christmas best!). However, it is so nice to have people's awareness of what they are thankful for be the theme of the week...Fun to receive greetings and bles...
Ted has some great information in this blog post!How is YOUR business plan coming along?I have my Awesome Year Plan for 2010 now available as well as an upcoming webinar series to help you be ready to hit the ground running!Your 2010 Business Plan Started Days Ago: How To Market The Extended Home...

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