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Last week was a fantastic week of connecting with amazing women. For three wonderful days, I attended Bernice Ross's Awesome Females in Real Estate (AFIRE) conference in Scottsdale and then my friend and national trainer extraordinaire, Amy Chorew, came for the weekend! I am so grateful and fortu...
  It's so easy to get pulled into activities that aren't the highest and best use of our time, isn't it??? If you aren't clear on your priorities and good at setting boundaries with others, the day can go by and you wonder at the end what really got accomplished. I've been using this simple tech...
Margaret Rome is one of the smartest agents I know and the most caring! You'll love this article!Falling in Love Is Wonderful! A couple of days ago, Seth Godin wrote a blog about buying a house. He called it "How to Buy a House" and started it off with, "Actually, how to think about buying a hous...
The ordinary person waits until they are feeling a certain way to take actions; the extraordinary person, knows they can shift their "feelings" into a more positive place any time they want, by noticing them and then taking actions that make them feel better. Self-awareness is the difference betw...
Fossland's Forums are free webinars monthly to share ideas, tools and information to help make you successful!  This month, Mollie Wasserman will join me to discuss: The NEW Consulting ModelEverything you need to know! To Listen to the Archived Call: , it was recorded here Tuesday, April 13 , 201...
How is it going this year? Are you living the life you want? Is the rest of the year going to include people, places and activities that will be memories for the rest of your life? Last week, I got a phone call from someone I hadn't seen or talked to since 1978! My old friend, Huey Hurst, from my...
This package is an amazing way for someone to have all the tools and support they need to really have a great presence!!! And it's great to see it supporting a really worthwhile charity! So, if you are a new agent or one who is re-inventing yourself....consider investing in your future!!! At REBa...
Have you been attacking all those areas of clutter and tolerations in the last few weeks? How is it feeling? This week, let's look at relationships. The last area of My March Freebie: the Clean Sweep AssessmentTM is all about relationships. I wrote a blog post a few months ago about upgrading the...
I am so excited to be partnering with Carra on the Cosmic Shift Happens (tm) project! How are YOU doing with shifting???Cosmic Shift Happens tm part 1 of 5   "Cosmic Shift Happens tm" 2010 is the year to update your "personal internal hard drive," or your brain! Over the past few years, the Inter...
You may wonder what your health and well being have to do with Spring Cleaning. Actually, taking very good care of yourself is the most important job you have. In coaching, we call it extreme self-care. This isn't being selfish; it is recognizing that a healthy you is a prerequisite to your perfo...

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