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Distractions, Distractions, Distractions! Every day serves up a gazillion choices. If you can choose your highest priorities, focus on the actions that will provide the biggest payoff and ignore the time-sucks, you will be ahead of 98% of the population! In Charles Duhigg's book, The Power of Ha...
The Culture of Your Business One of the foundational parts of the business planning process is the creation of the core values you will honor in running your business. At a recent coach's conference, Robbe Richman, of Zappos Insights, heightened my awareness by offering a free book called 2011 C...
How do you decide what actions to take today? Is it the squeakiest wheel? The easiest to-dos? Or do you have a plan for the day? I have long advocated beginning the day identifying the 3 items that would give you the most leverage towards your long term goals. Put those 3 on a sticky note or as ...
I have started December by PLANNING What I want in 2012! I've shared with you often that I believe visualization is the first step to getting what you want. The most successful people indicate they spend a little time (and 5 or 10 minutes IS enough!) each day visualizing their perfect outcomes. ...
The Fun and Excitement are about to begin in Anaheim as 20,000 real estate professionals converge for the annual convention! This will be a week for me to see friends, old and new! It'll be time to network, learn, laugh and look at all the new tech stuff at the meetings and the EXPO. I have atten...
When did we stop volunteering? I saw an extraordinary interlude last week when I visited St Paul’s School for Girls for high school reunion. One of the wonderful activities they planned for our Class of ‘66 was to pair each of us with someone from the 5th grade. The 5th graders wrote us a letter ...
Going Back in Time! Last week, I went to my 45th High School Reunion at St. Paul’s School for Girls in Baltimore. I realize now that I was clearly privileged to get the opportunity to attend this school where their mission is: St. Paul's School for Girls educates the minds and hearts of girls in...
  Joeann's October Freebies 1. With 3 months left in the year, do you know where your production is based on your business plan for this year? Have you created some goals for the next 90 days to kick it up a notch and finish strong? I use this tracking sheet with my clients each quarter. Set asid...
I can't think of a more fun person to spend some time with than the wonderful Margaret Rome! She always shares with me the smart things she is doing in her business and every time I talk to her I am inspired! Did you read her book? If not...Get yourself a copy!!!! Lots of wisdom to help you throu...
Fabulous Fall Has Arrived! There’s a crispness in the air that brings a smile to my face. I LOVE this time of the year. I hope wherever you are, the weather is delicious as well! I am looking forward to a trip back to Baltimore for a High School Reunion (and I'm teaching The Business of Your Bus...

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