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Last week, there were two videos that got my attention. 1. If you haven't seen this video of Susan Boyle, you are probably living under a rock, but I am posting just in case that is the case: As my friend Stephen Fells, from Agency Logic, says... this proves you can't tell a book from its cover. ...
Michael Bungay Stanier is such a fascinating guy. He is doing weekly interviews with people on the topic "Doing Great Work." Many of his interviews are about how to work less and how to eliminate the clutter and crap that gets in the way. You can access the Finding Your Great Work Interviews and ...
My hard drive crashed last week...I wrote about it in my newsletter Here's a few of the things I learned Several of you shared good experiences with Mozy and Carbonite, both online backups and Norton Ghost. I think one of these will be the way for me to go. Even if you have backups...it isn't eas...
Patience Patience is not one of my virtues! I even have a little sign in my office I bought years ago that says, God grant me patience, and I want it right now!  I've often said my cautious, analytical, phlegmatic husband was put in my life to teach me patience. He is actually a wonderful model o...
Knowing what you do best and how to do that more so people connect with your passion is a great way to attract clients to you instead of randomly pursuing new business.   Here are a couple of questions that will help you identify how to use this tip to be more productive:  What do you do that is ...
PEAK PERFORMANCE:  The story of Lance Armstrong  has been an amazing one. How can you not be impressed with the challenges he's overcome? His mental attitude and innate competitiveness present an inspiring example. There is documentation of how his body is somewhat of an anomaly: being able to ef...
My friend Fances Flynn Thorsen has been having a blast lately getting the word out about why social networking can help your business. Here's a great call she did with the resources! I conducted a Webinar for RealTown bloggers yesterday ... you can insert the words "ActiveRain Blogs" for "RealTow...
I love living in Tucson! It may not be Spring yet where you are, but we've had a week of 80 degree weather here this week. The wildflowers I planted a few months ago are almost ready to bloom. We spent last week with birthday's galore: My youngest, my daughter Dawn turned 40, granddaughter Julia ...
" You can have it all... you just can't have it all at once." As I am designing and living a life I love, and helping others to do the same, the dual goals of achievement and personal bliss seem to compete, frustrate, or simply tire us to exhaustion. There is an elusiveness to the times when ever...
We're going to have a lot of fun and there are some great speakers and programs! Come spend the day with us.  Many of you have asked and so here is the line up for the day.  This is a pretty solid schedule at this point but please forgive us if we have to adjust things at the last minute! 8:15 - ...

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