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Leaving Portland to head east for the rest of the vacation, has us traveling along the army green, mighty, Columbia River on the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Highway for almost 4 hours.  Take this drive sometime, if you can. It's beautiful, especially for a desert rat like me to see all that water...
This year's REEA (Real Estate Educators) Conference was in Portland. It gave us the timing and destination for our vacation this year. Over 130 Educators, School administrators and Association staff gathered to network, learn and share. If you are an instructor and not a member of REEA, please vi...
Do you love rules or hate them? I usually fit into the latter class, as the speeding ticket I got in Washing can attest!  As a matter of fact, the phrase,"I'd rather ask forgiveness than permission" is one I thought was invented for me! It captures a certain zest for going for it that I've espous...
 Friday was a drive from Hines, Oregon to Mt. Hood. No presentation this day and we'll be staying at the Timberline Lodge for 2 nights. It will be nice to not have to pack up and get back in the car immediately. This drive reminded me a bit of the train trip from Sydney to Perth, where the road w...
Oh.... what a beautiful morning! The sun is just peaking over the ridge at the Miracle Hot Springs between Buhl and Hagerman, Idaho. We slept in a canvas dome last night.I woke this morning to the sound of Alligators roaring! What an adventure! We started the day soaking in the hot springs again....
Sometimes, I like going back to places I've been for the comfort of the familiarity and knowing what to expect. They say that is one reason the McDonald's are so successful, because you can count on the food being the same in Boise or Tucson or China! People are often comforted by having their ex...
Started off at the Holiday Inn Express in Heber. I swam a bunch of laps in the heated pool while Lily dove and splashed and generally was delighted to swim. After cinnamon rolls for breakfast, we packed up and headed up the mountain to Park City for the day's e-PRO Workshop. It was a rainy, drizz...
Waking in Zion to magnificent views of the sun shining up on the high cliffs out the window of our cabin. Lily and Bub go off to the Lodge for some breakfast and encounter deer along the way. I realize the ambitious schedule we have in some parts of this trip is not allowing for the time to just ...
We woke up to clear skies and sunshine in Bryce Canyon Utah. We packed up for the day and treated ourselves to good breakfast at the Bryce Canyon Lodge. Built in the 1920's as a stop on the Southern Pacific Railways, the Lodge is a cozy and inviting place. The drive through the Park was stunningl...
We've gone from Tucson's 100 degree weather to chilly winds in the Grand Canyon! We left Williams early and drove up to El Tovar Lodge. Built in the early 1900's as a Fred Harvey hotel along the railway route across the southwest, the hotel is a luxurious accomodation right next to the South Rim ...

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