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It's no secret! I think Hercel is brilliant! Speaking strictly to listing agents/brokers of REOs, are you sure you want the liability?  In Arizona, the latest craze is going after the REO listings.  Obviously, there is money to be made in any market as long as you are able to adapt to the changes...
Irene has created a nice, simple (I LOVE SIMPLE!) explanation of how to get started with a Facebook Fan page!EVERYONE who is wanting to build their business needs a fan page!From my Tools For Real Estate blog: Love Facebook? Hate Facebook? Have a personal Facebook profile, but not sure how to use...
The ghost of Byron T. didn't come to our room last night. After reading his legend and the history of the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, New Mexico, I was kinda hoping he would wake us up in the middle of the night, but no such luck. Maybe it was because hubby, Bub, was sleeping blissfully next to me;...
One of the most interesting concepts I have learned through my coaching and life training has been that everything IS perfect. As a matter of fact, I have learned that spending any energy on regrets or frustration that I am where I am has always had a negative effect. For years, I wasn't aware of...
Many of you know my favorite 4 letter "F" word is..... FREE Loved this post and I so agree with the concept! Enjoy!On Tuesday, I wrote about Niche Markets from A to Z...the first of 2 key elements of succeeding in niche marketing. The second element is connecting with with the niche market. Here ...
I think the idea of bring the virtual and the in person together is brilliant. The Tweet Ups I've attended have been so much fun and such a potential for business. Mary has done a great job with this article. Twitter is one of the few social networks you can truly use effectively for local busine...
The drive from Paradise to Kalispell took us along Flathead Lake for almost an hour. What gorgeous scenery. In my Missoula e-PRO Class one of the participants said there are over 150+ listings on the lakefront and none has sold in the past 6 months. Seems what I am hearing as I travel, is that th...
We are still taking roads less traveled and enjoying the scenery and seeing what's going on in the rural towns in the Northwest. From Walla Walla for 4 hours through beautiful green rolling hills. Wind turbines dotted the landscape and cows and horses were everywhere. We saw a deer off the road a...
Here is some sage thinking! Enjoy Epiphany (def): a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience. Many of us have had these monumental life-changing moments of disco...
Join me today in this special offer from Kris Steinnes, founder ofWomen of Wisdom Foundation and director of the WOW Conferencefor 17 years. I don't often send you notices like this, but I amimpressed with Kris and her organization and I highly recommendher new book.  Purchase this Award Winning ...

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