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As the real estate markets have heated up, most people I am talking to are busy, busy, busy. Lots of folks I talk to are tired. One of the foundations for being wildly productive is having the physical wherewithal to focus and be your best. Taking the time to take care of you can't be left to cha...
In any relationship, the best results, when there is disharmony, come from identifying and focusing on what I call the Joint Shared Commitment . What I mean by this is that both people involved have an outcome that is important to them that paralles one with the other person. What derails us, is ...
Build your business and your credibility with good testimonials!    Testimonials from clients are one of the best ways for you to communicate your value. A third party endorsement always carries more weight and just is nicer than you bragging about your accomplishments (even if they are noteworth...
Seems like we ALWAYS are, doesn't it? And, yet, I find most people have some fear and trepidation around change. I found this quote many years ago and have shared it often, because I find people can relate and resonate when thinking of it from this perspective. What I like best is that you have a...
Did you know it could be, even if you don't have amazing plans for it right now? If you knew it was going to be...how would you be feeling? Would you have awakened today, excited with plans and expectations? Would you be looking for the evidence of today's perfection? Or, are you already thinkin...

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