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Knowing what you want... really having a clear picture of what you want is the first and most important step to getting what you want. We often think it is all the planning and actions and hard work, but I am learning to trust myself and the universe and let things unfold, instead of trying to f...
     When I ask people this question they usually say ,"Well, BOTH, of course!!!!"   I still vividly remember 30+ years ago when I was in a self improvement seminar and the presenter was talking with a man about some issues that he had with his mother. He and his mother had stopped speaking to ea...
Procrastination? Or More, Harder, Faster? Which option do you think you should choose? The conventional wisdom purveyors tell us being in action is best the answer to creating results. They say procrastination is a BAD thing! Under many circumstances, that is true -- however, there are times whe...

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