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Do You Have Stress????......Or, what I’m learning from my body I am healthy and well and I never get sick! My blood pressure, cholesterol, and the functioning of everything the medical profession tests with blood work and CT scans are all good! I am grateful every day to have a body that functio...
Are you taking care of you? It’s so popular this time of the year to be working on your business plan for the coming 12 months, and what can get overlooked is your personal plan. If you physically are not in great shape, it is hard to have the energy and focus to get the business results you are...
  New Technology for a New Year! The NEW e-PRO®!   One of the most exciting offerings at the NAR Convention in November, was the roll out of the new e-PRO® Certification program. The old course was created in 2002 and had been updated, but the time had come to completely re-invent the delivery & ...
While I've been helping people create their business plans for 2011 with some complexity doing a 4 week webinar series and offering my 2011 Awesome Year Plan..... Here's a very simple way to make a difference in your results: Answer these questions:   WHAT ONE THING WOULD MAKE THE MOST DIFFERENCE...
If you are reading this, I’ll have to assume the answer is yes…. the old joke when I got into real estate in 1983 was that you could get hired if you could fog a mirror. It was also the test for one of those old assumable loans too! These days, it certainly takes more than just breathing to be s...
Do you participate and reap rewards from social media? Many agents feel it is a waste of their time or it isn't bring the rewards in the way they expect or want. People’s experiences seem to fall into several categories: The ones who are closing business and have clear objectives Those who are h...
It’s Not What You Make, It’s What You Keep! In today’s economy, most of us are looking for ways to maximize our income. It was a big Ah-ha for a few of the participants in my Business Planning Teleseminar this year when I said,” one of the most important actions you could take was looking for wh...

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