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I am so excited to be partnering with Carra on the Cosmic Shift Happens (tm) project! How are YOU doing with shifting???Cosmic Shift Happens tm part 1 of 5   "Cosmic Shift Happens tm" 2010 is the year to update your "personal internal hard drive," or your brain! Over the past few years, the Inter...
You may wonder what your health and well being have to do with Spring Cleaning. Actually, taking very good care of yourself is the most important job you have. In coaching, we call it extreme self-care. This isn't being selfish; it is recognizing that a healthy you is a prerequisite to your perfo...
Social PartneringTM is a system to increase your Social Currency, business and referrals through inclusion and conscious expansion of your best strategic partners. Find others who want or have the clientele that fits your perfect client profile, and magic will begin to happen! I am offering you s...
This month...I am all about Spring Cleaning! Join me in Clearing the Clutter this month and you'll be glad you did. Our environment impacts our energy! My travelling and speaking life means my home is often  a hotel room! And while many will say the road warrior life is trying, my gypsy blood lov...
I know in some parts of the country, spring has not arrived yet, but the good news is, now that it is March... it IS coming! Whew, you may be saying or maybe you are as lucky as I am in Arizona with a nice wet winter that has given us a respite from the drought. We are dancing naked, so excited ...
Jimmy Dean said,"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die tomorrow" Mother Nature has a way of reminding us we aren't in charge, doesn't she? First Haiti and now Chile have felt her wrath with the horrendous earthquakes this year. It is a stark reminder of how impermanent our hold o...

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