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........And no, I'm not just talking about social media. Rather, I am talking about connecting with professionals and businesses that know the people who are your perfect clients. Sometimes, this will be online, but more often than not in a hyper-local world, this will be offline in the real worl...
Or does the way your life looks depend on the economy? The acceptance and expectations of others? Or the needs of others? Whew....we don't live in a rarefied existence where we are oblivious to and unaffected by the rest of the world....and yet, the happiest people have learned how to accept all ...
Social PartneringTM On my website, you'll find my Fabulous Fifty List  as my February Freebie. After downloading it, your challenge is to start identifying what 50 professionals or businesses would make great partners for you in 2010. Did you get it started? Or completely filled out? I hope so. I...
Get your Pass Now -- National Real Estate CyberConvention & Expo (Feb 21-27 all online). I love this EXPO because I can attend while I am in my jammies! in the comfort of home!!!! I am one of the sponsors the ninth annual National Real Estate CyberConvention and Exposition, http://recyber.cyberco...
I know you know this......You have to take care of yourself FIRST!!!! ALWAYS. You can only give to others in proportion to what you have. If you are tired, scared, frantic or beat up...you don't have much to offer the people you want to serve. And, even though you know this, why do I keep talking...
As promised, Justin Zimmerman recorded and is sharing the 11 sessions that were part of the fundraiser for Haiti. Over $2K was raised last week during the 6 hour marathon of real estate speakers. (and probably more since the only way we could tell was when someone registered that they had donated...
It DOES Make a difference who you spend time with! You've heard me (and many others!) say "what you focus on expands". If you surround yourself news and people who give you more evidence of how tough it is...it's easy to buy into excuses for your own results. If you want to attract and create mor...

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