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Thankfulness is good all the time and I so love we have a holiday for it. Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday (Gotta confess I LOVE Christmas best!). However, it is so nice to have people's awareness of what they are thankful for be the theme of the week...Fun to receive greetings and bles...
Ted has some great information in this blog post!How is YOUR business plan coming along?I have my Awesome Year Plan for 2010 now available as well as an upcoming webinar series to help you be ready to hit the ground running!Your 2010 Business Plan Started Days Ago: How To Market The Extended Home...
I am SOOOO excited. And, of course, if you know me, you know I get enthused pretty easily! My reason today is that I am getting ready to fly to San Diego to spend a week with old and new friends, to network, learn, laugh and look at all the new tech stuff at the meetings and the EXPO. I have been...
A couple of questions today... Who inspires you? First, I think of people like Mother Theresa, and Ghandi and Zainab Salbi, Greg Mortenson and Coco Fossland. This morning on Twitter and Facebook, my good friend Karin Hanna posted a tweet with a link to a blog article and a YouTube video. Catherin...

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