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I am so excited to be part of a self-help series, hosted by Jim Schibly This Wednesday at 8 PM EDT, you are invited to a free(to the first 250 people) TeleSeminar called The 'Keys ' to Unlocking Your Ability to Do More in Less Time and Seeing Double the Results!" There is the sign up and all the ...
I had a great time in Baltimore last week with Inman Columnist and Speaker Extraordinaire, Bernice Ross and ActiveRainer and Agent Extraordinaire, Margaret Rome. Margaret was the reason I joined ActiveRain, back in 2006 when there were fewer than 20,000 members. She is an early adapter and always...
Self Growth Expert Series - I am participating in a 10-part expert teleseminar series that that you might finding interesting. You'll get the best information available on motivation, empowerment, goal setting, time management, health tips, the law of attraction and a LOT more from 10 different s...
Here is even more information about this great project! Get yours today!!! You can profit from this book.  So don't waste any time!  This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER!!! (I'll tell you about the limited aspect of this offer later in this post.) Really, I know that sounds like a "come on".  You have b...
 Good news....there is some help in doing so. A new book is being launched today and I think you know some of these authors!  Take a look at these faces: Can you guess why they are all here? Are you ready to PROFIT FROM TECHNOLOGY??? I bet you are! And, these are the people to help you do it........
If you've never heard Bernice, this is an awesome opportunity to be the first to hear her new program!!!Life has a way of doing that...changing plans at the last minute. Unfortunately, Fran Thorsen won't be able to join us on Monday, May 18 for our Social Media Divas Share Their Secrets event. Bu...
  Just announced!!!!How to Build a Successful Online and Social Media Presence for under $2.00 per Day."National Speaker, Bernice Ross is bringing her brand new program to Baltimore next Monday. If you can get there...you will be glad you did because you are going to hear ideas no one else is sha...
Join me for FREE interviewing Justin Zimmerman of GoodMorningReal Estate  We will be talking about 'How to tap the 6-figure 18-34 1st time Home Buyer Market'. Justin is part of this demographic and has been successful at identifying the different ways of communicating and satisfying this consumer...
CARE is doing amazing work empowering women all over the world! Frances has made jelly that is the most nutrious stuff around (as jelly goes!)DO GOOD TODAY! buy some jelly and support a great cause It's time for the Web Women Giving Circle to launch another fundraiser for CARE. All of the profit...
Join us for great FREE information from one of the best agent's in the country!!! Berkeley REALTOR Ira Serkes wins accolades and kudos at every corner for innovative and leading edge marketing. Hs is featured prominently in Bernice Ross' new book, "Real Estate Dough." He speaks with me and Joean...

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