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Allen Hainge is a great technology instructor and connector of tech divas and wizards!Here is one of his articles with some great resources!Thanks Allen Fact: agents who use today's technology to meet the needs of today's consumer make a better living and live better than agents who do not. Fact...
How do you start your day? Which side of the bed do you get up on??? You know...is it the right side? OR?????  Do you realize how much power you possess about what happens each day?Try this simple technique to set your intentions and expectations for the day and give yourself a really great plac...
This week over at Amazon, you can get a FLIP Camera for $58! This is truly a no-brainer if you don't have one! 2009 is THE YEAR of VIDEO in Real Estate Take a look..if you want the 60 minute one, it is only $118 Last year, I wrote a post on how great this little camera is and my friend Margaret R...
I was thinking of how many wonderful people I have the opportunity to be connected with. So in the next few tips, I am going to mention some of them and the resources that they have that I believe you will find valuable. This week, meet my friend, Susie (The Frog) Hale: Sus ie is one of those peo...
As I watered my garden this morning, I saw several volunteers that I hadn't planted but that had taken root. I have a compost in the garden and some little seeds and a potato had decided they liked the environment. I moved them to a better place with more sunlight and have some brand new plants t...
Dick is a real expert in SmartPhones and has lots of information if you are trying to decide. I've been a die hard Palm fan and think the Pre may be for me!!! What about you?That is the number question hitting my email box!  I have wrote about the Pre, excited about the Pre, read everything I can...
Three Top Women.... I am SOOO Excited to be part of the May 18th FREE session with Margaret Rome in Baltimore!If you are anywhere close by...Please come and share and network with all the BEST!!!My May is shaping up to be a wonderfully busy schedule. Besides the usual real estate fun of listings ...
Last week, there were two videos that got my attention. 1. If you haven't seen this video of Susan Boyle, you are probably living under a rock, but I am posting just in case that is the case: As my friend Stephen Fells, from Agency Logic, says... this proves you can't tell a book from its cover. ...
Michael Bungay Stanier is such a fascinating guy. He is doing weekly interviews with people on the topic "Doing Great Work." Many of his interviews are about how to work less and how to eliminate the clutter and crap that gets in the way. You can access the Finding Your Great Work Interviews and ...
My hard drive crashed last week...I wrote about it in my newsletter Here's a few of the things I learned Several of you shared good experiences with Mozy and Carbonite, both online backups and Norton Ghost. I think one of these will be the way for me to go. Even if you have backups...it isn't eas...

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