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Is your definition of success more than the numbers of your business.....If you yearn to not only have a productive business but also enjoy the life and lifestyle it provides you, you've probably found it has required you to make some conscious decisions and employ some consistent practices. Agen...
Boy, do I love paradise. I am pinching my self that I am so lucky to be able to do some e-PRO Workshops while we are enjoying a 17 day vacation on the beautiful Big Island. It was rumored last year, I do the presentation in a grass skirt...but I didn't hear about that until later! I've just bough...
 According to Henry David Thoreau, " If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them."I've always loved this quote because of the power of dreaming and of imagining what you really, really want and then building it...
 I spent part of yesterday afternoon on the beach here in Hawaii with my granddaughter, Lily, building a sand castle, all traces of  which will be gone today.   Why put energy into something that I knew wouldn't last? Just for the pure fun of it!  It reminded me of this poster that was  in the ha...
Halfway through our 17 day vacation in Paradise...aka Hawaii, I got to thinking about how my normal days and my vacation days are alike and how they are different. For many years, I believed that I could relax and have fun AFTER I worked hard. In fact, I am sure the American work ethic myth had m...
Everywhere I go, people want to know...what is that????After falling in lust at the NAR Convention in 2005, I had to have the little LS800 made by Motion ComputingThis tiny tablet-I've dubbed it my baby computer-is power packed to do everything a laptop can do, but is only 2.2 pounds and can fit ...
Want to increase your effectiveness? Kill the energy vampires!All of those things you are tolerating, including the clutter around you, drain your energy. They keep you from being able to effectively focus. If you think about each of those tolerations, those undone tasks, those ways you get distr...
I've been recommending the movie http://www.thesecret.tv/ as a resource to people in my classes and in my weekly, Tuesday Tips Newsletter. I received a thoughtful email from one of my readers that I thought was worth sharing. I asked Martin's permission to share our exchange because I'd like to h...
Sometimes effectiveness is more about what you don't do than what you do! Are any of your clients or customers the high maintainence type? Would you be better off letting go of them and freeing up that time and energy for the "perfect" client?On a regular basis, perhaps monthly, do a review of th...
You are probably familiar with the airplane announcement that instructs you, in case of loss of pressure, to put on your oxygen mask first before trying to help the sreaming, small child (or person acting like a small child ) next to you. It only makes sense that we can't help anyone else if we d...

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