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Here's a good post I ran across today on the Fannie Mae happenings.  All I can say is that we sure shouldn't have thought for a minute that Fannie was going to get healthy when the government took it over. Still doesn't change what we've got to do...go sell some houses!As you can imagine, I monit...
In Northwest Arkansas we have 2 very specialized and popular radio stations that focus on a couple of great demographics.  One is an NPR station, the other is a Christian radio station.  They both have a huge audience, and have fairly inexpensive spots available during peak times.   I like the id...
A: A blogger! I want to encourage all of us, this time of year can bring out sickness.  If you are struck with a cold or flu, know that you don't have to talk on the phone to be effective.  You can BLOG!   Yes, we may not be able to answer the phone in our normal chipper way, but we aren't helple...
I recently saw a featured blog that asked how low one can offer on a Short Sale. I compiled the information below from a meeting I had with the chief underwriter for a large bank. I hope it is helpful.  
Hattie Wyatt was born near Bakerville, Tennessee, in Humphreys County, the daughter of William Carroll Wyatt, a farmer and shopkeeper, and Lucy Mildred Burch. At the age of four she moved with her family to Hustburg, Tennessee. After briefly attending Ebenezer College in Hustburg, she transferred...
The other day, my wife made an amazing dinner.  Here in Arkansas, that means soul food.  Contrary to many's beliefs, soul food is not really ethnic.  It just means it's food that makes you feel at home.  This night that meant pork chops, seasoned rice, and green beans.  Mmmmmm...good!  Our 15 yr ...
Today I met with a client that needs to sell.   Did you catch that?  We have changed our roles completely in the last few years.  Sellers now "NEED" to sell.  We have become confidants, shoulders to cry on, and supernatural calculators and estimators.  We know how to figure a net for a seller lik...
To a wonderful church in Northwest Arkansas, I am grateful to be a part of your congregation and history.  You give to so many in need of warmth, food, kindness, income, love, and Christ.   Thank you for your gift of service to my family and those I love.  "Greater things are still to be done"  ...
I spoke with an agent the other day about closing gifts for clients.  So many of us are gift basket givers, gift cards, so on and so on...but, we give the gift for more than one reason.   Reason 1: we truly do appreciate the business and trust.  That deserves a gift.  The client has given us a gi...
This was a statement from my very own brother just yesterday!  Actually, he was right!  We were video chatting about Christmas plans and who was bringing what to dinner, etc.  I was still in my sweat pants and undershirt with bed head and he could most likely smell my breath through the computer ...

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