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I'm holding my sides laughing about this crazy series of messages I got today!  Don't be alarmed when you read the first one.  That's truly not the joke.  Mr. Chavez will certainly be missed, but Treva has amazingly recovered!  Feel free to share your best Realtor Board stories on here in your co...
I interviewed for a listing last Friday.  The seller told me they had interviewed another agent, and I was obviously the better agent, ...hands down.  Then I heard these words, "We have one more interview to conduct before we make our decision." Now, I've heard these words before.  I'm not easily...
I'm heading to Ft. Smith today with my family.  My 15 year old son has decided to interview to be a counselor for Boy Scout camp this summer.  So, the family is all going to learn about the hangin' judge of Ft. Smith, tour the musuem, visit the trolly musuem...maybe take a ride, and learn about t...
Self improvement is a huge must in the real estate world.  For an agent that can bring buyers into Northwest Arkansas you can trust that I have what it takes to get them interested, and get your property shown.  These days social networking plays such a huge role in what we do.  Go with an agent ...
I sent an offer, no, good offer on a large home yesterday to an agent who was at a convention.  The first question I got was, "How long did you give me?"   Honestly, what in the world are agents thinking?  You have a chance to sell a large listing, and you are worried about having time to play an...
The other day I was driving home and noticed something had changed.  You see, for about 3 years now I've been saying that I wanted to take a photo of a shack.  The setting of this shack is fairly pretty, but the humor of the shack is really what makes it worth photographing.   It might not even ...
For a few years now I have grown my social networking to pretty a pretty large scale.  I have found that more people are keeping up with me than I can personally keep up with.  The days, for me anyway, of sending direct mail, making "just checking in" phone calls, and long time consuming visits h...
I have been recruiting agents for the company I'm at for around 3 yrs now, and have found many options for many agents.  We're all so different.  Some NEED a higher split and less management, some NEED extensive management and a HIGH split, some NEED that small time office feel where everyone giv...

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