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Interesting comments on the Dutchess County Real Estate Market.
If you are 55 or older, there is hardly a better option for American heritage tours than Elderhostel.(www.elderhostel.com). There are more than 200 trips with a historical focus,from exploring the Oregon Trail to viewing Anasazi rock art in the great canyon areas of Four Corners. Lewis & Clark en...
We decided to hike the "Gunks". This way we could let the hiking customers we have had what to expect. We had to plan for this hike. Most people just go- Not us.The first step to  successful hike is to have the proper gear. So to the LLBean catalog we go. I spent a small fortune. Back packs, 1st ...
Thursday, June 14th, 2007Samuel D'Costa was killed while showinga Bowie home in Maryland. Samuel was 36 years old. Read the whole press release:GAZETTE.NET by Liza Gutierrea/staff writer: Maryland community newspapers.A real Estate agent in a vacant house is VULNERABLE. Hosting OPEN houses alone ...
My real secretary is out sick. I am covering for her. I found out that I can single handed screw up the office.!!!!I think that we all take staff for granted! I will not do that again.  I can not find anything, let alone enter appointments into Lucero. Appointments are being made. Just like in th...
My business partner won two"free" airline tickets to be picked up after a short sales pitch for the time-share in the Catskills. The Friar Tuck Inn to be exact.I decided to go along for the ride and to see the sales pitch. Of course, I wanted the additional air fare ticket.We actually were given ...
A few weeks ago on a rainy & chilly Sunday afternoon, I went to see an OPEN HOUSE. A customer had asked me about it. This seemed like a good time to preview it.I got to the Open about 2:00Pm. The only car in the driveway was the agents car. Normally, the agent would have been at the door, happy t...
The new agent interview is scheduled for this morning.For those yogis in Active Rain: Last week the instructor "tried" to help me perfect a dancer pose. I am probably the clumsiest person in balancing that you will ever meet. As the instructor tried unsuccessfully to help me into this beautiful p...
If you know that GNN means "gotta go now" and FTR means "for the record" you are probably text savvy.We hosted a training on Friday by our ERA Business consultant. He introduced us to TXTERA. This has been available since January. I thought it was too complicated to explain and waited for help. I...
I have seen two house fires in my neighborhood. Both homes were totally destroyed, but no  injuries.The first fire started because of faulty wiring to a hot tub. Instead of having a dedicated wire to the hot tub installed, the owner decided to "save" money and to jury-rig the wiring.The fire star...
This is a story about our bookkeepers misappropriation of company funds.(this happened several years ago)If anyone had asked me about our bookkeeper, I would have praised her competency plus the fact that she was a family friend not just an employee.I should have paid more attention when an Amex ...

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Interesting comments on the Dutchess County Real Estate Market.