It's Sunday.  I was out showing some homes today. I really try not to work Sundays if I can help it. My family needs some time with me, I need some time off and Sundays are supposed to be set aside for rest. But I was out today with clients. Anyway, I passed an agent putting out her open house di...
You would THINK that after all these years, I'd remember to confirm my appointments EVERY TIME. But nooooo, I was too busy and too rushed. Thursday evening I get a web inquiry on a listing. I pencil in the appointment for 2:00-2:30 meeting time as the buyer wasn't sure exactly what time she'd be ...
Here's what I'm thinking: the following sales statistics for the town my office is located in (Plainsboro, NJ) look very encouraging. You can see that the 'months of inventory' show that at the current rate, we have only 5 months worth of home inventory. That is about as good as you can expect i...

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