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Buffet fans Unite! There is something about this time of year that makes Jimmy Buffett even more wonderful, like he sings, "I need a holiday," or "I need to go where there ain't any snow," how about "fly me to St. Somewhere," or one of my favorites... "nothing can replace your fears like an islan...
Can we make our business a complaining free zone? A large share of the malaise within the real estate community can be traced to the continual drum beat of griping and complaining. I still remember how Tom Hopkins said we should respond to how's business, or how's the market....Unbelievable and s...
THANK YOU, Thank you to Tom Hopkins and Zig Ziglar. These guys are simply the best. I'm so grateful for the times I've seen Zig live, even the last time when Zig was clearly not the "old Zig" due to a bad fall. Even when he was unable to actually "present" he was still amazing. As the days wiz b...
First the event was fantastic! Before I get started I must say "thank you" to the staff at the World Congress Center. They were wonderful and to see them stand and applaud us when we were leaving was amazing. Atlanta knows southern hospitality. Now onto some Aha's:   1. Seth Godin, author of The ...
Maybe our teachers and parents were right: reading is good for you. We are so fortunate to live in time when books are so easy to get, plus there are so many varied choices. This blog is to see how many of us read on a regular basis? Who reads more than 5 books a year? Who reads more than 10 book...
Here we are, February 2008, and some folks are still complaing about the market. Oh poor me. Stop it. Let's thke a positive and proactive approach to the current market conditions. Griping never got anyone anywhere, except maybe divorce court.   What can we do? Make offers. Yes, we can become pr...
I had the awesome experience of being in a "board-breaking" seminar. It was amazing to see so many people in that room focused on breaking a board, breaking through their fears, relying on the positve energy and thoughts of others. To see a 5 foot nothing 90 lbs gal walk up and break a board was ...
Wow, Mo Anderson did another bang up job at her Inspirational Brunch at the Keller Williams Convention. Mo has an incredibly generous spirit which came through loud and clear at the event. I've had the pleasure of interviewing Mo for my soon to be released book. The interview was inspirational. S...
It appears some builders are trying to take away the fear of eroding prices that consumers may have by offering price protection. If the price goes down on the home that they buy from the builder the builder agrees to give them a rebate for the price difference. Creative idea and very smart. In t...
January was fantastic! And February is starting off with a bang. Inventory is being absorbed, showings are up, lead inquiries are up, prices aren't dropping. Has the market turned a corner? Probably not yet, but the fundamentals are improving and there is plenty of opportunity out there. I'm taki...

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