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We miss the mark in our industry many times.  Usually its just lack of knowledge or experience.  There are a lot of Realtors out there who think they are the first line of setting value for a house, the appraiser is just there to double check their work.  In Texas, we are highly discouraged from ...
Before I worked in Real Estate, I had the pleasure of working along side Boone Pickens.  By "working along side Boone Pickens", I mean I worked hand in hand with his assistant and handler.  After 8 months, I found myself, as a 25 year old, sitting at a table having dinner with Boone Pickens and 8...
I'm a tech nerd.  No way around it.  I love technology.  I use all sorts of technology to sell and market homes.  3D Home Tours, 360 Photos & Videos, Drone Videos, Home Videos with Subdivision Video lead ins, Advanced Social Media Marketing, Virtual Reality - if its out there, I use it (or will/w...
Roofing & Real Estate. I would venture to say most of us know at least one in each profession - or at least in some point in life, they were one. It never fails, April showers bring May flowers and about 100 new roofers over night. The same is to say with our profession of Real Estate. Many peopl...

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