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Something that is really on my heart lately is the need to talk about our war veterans.  Yes, you might be against the war, and that doesn't matter.  What matters is they need our support while away but as importantly when they come home, if they are fortunate enough to do so.I don't think a lot ...
This actually came to me in an e-mail, maybe you have seen it too.  If we keep quiet about it we are in trouble.  There is nothing wrong with immigration, but it needs to be done right.  Just like all the immigrants that have come in the past from all over the world.  They came and learned the la...
I don't know if it is because of the presidential race or some of the posts I ahve seen lately or the war or who knows what.  I feel I need to bring up 9/11.I wish the news would play some video of it more often.  How can we, so easily, forget how we felt that day?  Maybe if more people would act...
We are getting to the time of the year when people await the money they are getting back, after giving too much to the government throughout the year.  To top that, we are going to be getting more back from the Tax Stimulus Plan.  Perfect timing for people to buy a house!You get much better rates...
I read an argument recently for changing the way we get money for school taxes.  It really made me think that this is a good way to go.How it is now, here in PA, property owners pay the school taxes.  So, how many kids that go to these schools live in a house with the home owner?  I am having a l...
In the York PA area, real estate is a great investment right now!1. Prices are lower than they were.  A lot of sellers have been dropping there prices sometimes as much as $20,000!2. Rates are still low , for now.  If you have good credit and enough cash for 5% down, you can get a great rate!3.  ...
Super Tuesday or Fat Tuesday?  How many people were concerned more about one or the other?  It actually looks like our PA primary might mean something this time around.  It isn't until April 22, but at this point no candidates have enough delagates to claim a nomination.  What a close race for bo...
Go out to the Toyota Arena at the York Fair Grounds and enjoy the show.  The show opens at 1:00 PM on Friday, Feb. 8th and runs until 4:00 PM on Sunday Feb. 10th.There are a lot of Fun Activities for the kids including Children's Carpentry Area Fri. 5-7PM, Sat. 12-2PM, Tall Cedar Clowns Sat. 11Am...
York County PA Real Estate Statistics...In 2006 there were 9,261 listings in our MLS.  65.39% of them sold or 6,056 sold.  Of those that sold, the average price was $187,098 which is 98.57% of the average list price. In 2007 there were 9,760 listings in our MLS.  Only 55.15% of them sold or 5,383...
I was just told by a client of mine that they were at an open house and the agent there was telling them they should wait 6 mos. to a year to purchase a home.  Was she trying to undermine me and try to steal my client or is she really beliving they should wait.I feel now is a great time to buy.  ...

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