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My advice to buyers is to run, not walk away from high-pressure buyer agents. If the agent is spending time with you, educating you about the buying process, closing costs, etc., then you've found a good one. There's a lot of money involved in real estate purchases and once you're armed with the ...
I felt compelled to share a Facebook post that was originally posted by Rocky Banks with Pillar to Post at https://rockybanks.pillartopost.com/, a very solid home inspection company in Montgomery County, MD.  I've always recommended that my clients install window guards to protect their children ...
I showed a home today in Montgomery County, MD and the moment I stepped on to the front stoop, I knew there was going to be a lot of deferred maintenance on the home.  I pointed to all of the wood rot around the door and my clients nodded letting me know that they saw it.  Not only was the home i...
Contrary to what some buyers think, it's not calling your agent to see a home.  It's calling a lender to find out how much you qualify for and then ask the lender to pre-approve you.  Pre-approved means that not only have you spoken to a lender, but you've also completed a loan application, sent ...
Looks a bit surreal, doesn't it? You could almost hear a pin drop it was so quiet. Well, that was until the approaching snow plows entered my neighborhood! Stay warm!
Anyone who has followed my blog and posts on social media already know that this is a big one for me.  When my buyers develop an interest in a home that has a fireplace, during our discussions about an offer, I suggest that they have the chimney and flue inspected if it's a wood-burning fireplace...
I always recommend that my MD buyers perform their own radon test on a home before purchasing it. Montgomery County, MD actually requires a radon test be performed before settlement and if the buyer isn't willing to do it the seller is required to test and provide a report to the buyer. If seller...
Ok, I'm sure (or at least, I hope) that you already know that putting grease, oil and fats of any kind in to your kitchen drain when you're on a septic system is a big No-No. But what many homeowners don't understand that it's just as big a No-No when you're on a public sewer system. Think about ...
I added a blog post yesterday about putting your best foot forward when you're in a multiple offer situation. This post is an adjunct to that one. I opened my email this morning and the first one that popped up had a subject line of "Price Improvement..." and then listed the property address. I ...
Anyone who has ever worked with me as a buyer knows that I'm all about saving money for my buyer clients.  Having a tough negotiator on your side when you're buying a property works in most markets, but this current market is a bit of a departure from a normal market.I advise my buyers to "put th...

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