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MBS markets have been volatile this morning, even in the face of news that is typically positive for bond markets. The good news is even with all the economic news coming out that should be swinging rates higher they are still holding low. The rates did dip a little lower late yesterday and are h...
These little things appeared around Christmas time and they are still hanging around. They just creep me out. They are called singa-ma-jigs. They "sing" a little song and are supposed to be cute. I don't know about you but they don't sing well and they really are not that cute. This would be the ...
 To recap economic news today, we had Consumer Price Index  and Core Consumer Price Index come in at higher than expected levels as well as the year over year statistics were higher than last month which is usually a bond killer. The bond markets saving grace is that the NY State Empire index whi...
Mortgage Backed Securities markets have took a large dip this morning, continuing the downward trend that we saw late yesterday. Today's economic news brought  the PPI in at +0.2% and the Core PPI matched that number. Retail sales have seen its first decline in a few months but was very nominal a...
The Mortgage Backed Securities  Markets have currently stalled.  But the good news is that Bonds did make a push higher from the morning lows and are for the time being pushed through a technical layer of resistance. This week is going to be interesting and busy week for economic news. No news fo...
Now that I am an Active Rainer and I see a little more than I could before I have to say how deeply sorry I am that there is not a professional that is dedicated to your base. That base is Luke Ari force Base. I live in Surprise just a few miles from there and celebrate with my 3 year old son eve...
So my original intention to write my blog this morning came from an extensive conversation I had yester with Congressman David Schweikert and a few other industry professionals is the upcoming changes in loan amounts across the contry. They have been inflated for the last 2 years and it is now ti...
I have to say this first. This will be my official first post on my own blog on ActiveRain. I have spent a lot of time trying to pull together this first post only to get really wound up over the quality of the content and so on. Here is the thing, the feeling that all needs to be perfect is my o...

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