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  Move Up In A Down Market - Discuss This With Your Clients; It May Bring Results. The Spread From Your Present Home, To A Move Up Home, Will Be Less Than It Would Have Been A Year Ago.  It's True.  The Arithmetic Works, And Not Only That, All The Expenses In Connection With Selling And Buying, ...
 Since Title Insurance has come to Canada, many Real Estate Agents have reduced the importance of an up-to-date survey in the real estate transaction.   This thinking, should be changed.  Nothwithstanding the purchase of a Title Insurance policy which is also highly recommended, an up-to-date sur...
The Company A Very Well Known Canadian Company, Very Well Respected, And Has Been For Many Years, Said In The Globe & Mail, A National Canadian Newspaper, On Monday, October 20, 2008 "Market Volatility Isn't The Enemy.  Short Term Thinking Is."  We Believe That This Is Applicable To Real Estate ...
I have also put this on the Home Page of my website,  If you like it, feel free to use it, if not, your comments are invited, and thank you for your candor. CHOOSING THE RIGHT REALTOR - Choosing the right realtor can help ensure you get the right house at the right price. H...
I have put the following on my website home page.  If you like it, please use it too.  If not, your comments are invited, and thank you for your candor.  Why Use A Realtor To Buy a Home? 1.   The price is right - NO CHARGE - the Seller pays our fee. 2.   We welcome an interv...
Just wondering if anyone reading this, would visit my new website,, and comment on it for me?  I am new at websites, and am not sure if what I have putting on it, is the right thing.  Would you tell me how to improve it please? Thank you very much in advance for you help Jef...
I Just Posted This On My Website,, And Thought Thought I Should Put It Here Too. Prepare Your Kids For Moving Moving from house to house, city-to-city, state-to-state, or even country-to-country is stressful on everyone, especially children. Each year, about 13 million child...
I must have been living in a cave for the last while.  I did not learn about blogs until just recently.  However, it seems like a great idea to be able to have discussions in an open forum with other Real Estate Agents.  Practices in some areas that work well for some, may also work for others in...

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