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We're located in downtown Birmingham and offer individual offices and full secretarial support.  Office suites range in size from 8' by 10' to 22' by 14' and includes shared kitchenette, copy room and large conference room for your large meetings. Click here for more information http://www.avedia...
  As many readers know firsthand or may suspect, if they are not in the commercial loan business, commercial stated income loans are all but "extinct" due to the credit crisis.  Surprisingly however, there are a few stated income lenders are still lending.  They are portfolio lenders and are not ...
Office property financing is fairing relatively well in the credit crisis compared to other property types.  The success is attributable to the general use nature of the building type, and that many of the owners are occupants of the property. Currently owner occupied financing is easier to get d...
How about full secraterial support, downtown birmingham, windowed office for $650 per month AND month to month terms??? What else could you ask for?  Stop working out of your home, your productive will skyrocket bloomfield hills office suites  Check it out
We have vacancies in our executive office suites.  Anybody that lives in the Bloomfeild Hills, Troy, Royal Oak or Birmingham Michigan area, STOP working out of your home.  Your level of productivive will skyrocket. More info at executive office suites
The B&I Guaranteed Loan Program is a little known government sponsored loan for business and investors where the property is located in a rural community.  The point of the program is to improve and develop business/employment, again in rural communities. Like SBA commercial loans, the B and I pr...
  As the commercial loan business seems to be in a state of shock and or a "wait and see" mentality it's important to keep ones perspective.  Yes we have problems that need to be addressed and resolved.  There is no doubting that.  But is the problem in the commercial loan business really as bad ...

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