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Dull homes sometimes bring curb appeal down a few notches in buyers eyes. If you pull up to a house on a cloudy or rainy day, and there are no lights on in the house, the house sometimes just projects a dull feeling and image. I seem to drive a little slower down driveways on houses like that. Bu...
Well, it had to happen. Seems like every company and website is under constant attack from a variety of hackers. Sometimes these hackers crack the code, and can disrupt or bring entire companies to a grinding halt. Retail stores are constant targets, as well as any company the takes payments by c...
I held another Open House this past Sunday in Lovettsville. It was a home where the sellers requested that visitors were to remove their shoes. When a seller tells me that, I always ask them if shoe covers are acceptable. In this case, they said yes. I was down to a few bundles left in my supplie...
There is a never ending supply of scam artists trying to get something for nothing. Unfortunately, some people don't realize they are being scammed until it's too late. Elderly people often are victims of these type of scams. When that happens, a scam can become a crime. If you have any elderly r...
12JUN2015This was the lender press release from VHDA this afternoon on the grant extension- “Clearly the demand for the grant assistance has exceeded our expectations and the VHDA Leadership and Board have responded.  VHDA is happy to announce an extension of the program through the home buying s...
A man wanted for burglary, rape, etc was seen on Linton hall Rd in Bristow VA area of Prince William County. Agents, and everyone else in that area should be on alert for this man. If you get a call from anyone named David Perrara, or any name similar to that, be careful. Or if you get a call fro...
Well, it has happened again, this time in Florida. Agents meeting people they really didn't know much about at vacant houses, then being tied up and robbed at gunpoint. I'm sure most of you reading this will be shaking your head and thinking " don't agents ever learn"? In one story, this armed gu...
Are snakes a material defect? I only scanned through this report and lawsuit, and it's obvious that many people are at fault. My first impression was " big deal" , we see black snakes in houses all the time around here. The news reported that they found 8 snakes. Maybe there were more inside the ...

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