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Spring 2015- Well, it seems like forms and regulations are constantly being revised or created. VAR and local REALTOR associations submitted 20+ pages of suggested changes to the regulations. They are awaiting the Govenor's signature. One item coverered is real estate signs. I just ordered a new ...
Well, Loudoun county VA started a program where they want homeowners to have their septic tanks pumped and checked every 5 years. Alternative septic systems require annual inspections. We are at the 5 year mark now since our last pumping and inspection. At last inspection, the mortar around the e...
Memorial Day weekend, many people think of baseball, the beach, cookouts, 3 day weekend, car racing, etc. But even though people are enjoying their weekend, at some point over the weekend they take time to remember those that served in the military that are no longer with us. If you can't get to ...
Exclusive enclave of beautiful cutom homes on 3+ acre lots in Leesburg VA. This home at 20596 Woodcock Ct offers a private partially wooded and fully landscape 4 acre lot. Exterior features include a detached 1 car shop / garage, an RC style barn, a patio, a hot tub, a heated swimming pool, trail...
When I first heard this story on the news where they showed the unhappy buyer pointing out bad wiring, missing stove, etc, my first thought was " You idiot, haven't you ever heard of real estate agents and home inspectors". Then I thought, well, maybe he did use an agent? I suppose the sellers al...
 I knew this was a 7 day per week job when I started. I workded 7 days a week before, so wasn't worried about it. However, I found I needed to be more organized, and schedule things. That includes scheduling time for your spouse, your kids, your animals, your family, and yourself. It also meant l...

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