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 We are in final stages of subdividing an 18.5 acre lot into a 16 acre lot and 2.5 acre lot. Lots are in Lovettsville VA approx 1 mile from the Potomac River. Both lots offer nice homesites in a location conventient to VA, MD, WV, and DC. Brunswick MARC commuter train is just across river in Brun...
With all the extra traveling people will be doing around Thanksgiving and through Christmas, it's more important to pay closer attention for distracted drivers. Police are cracking down on texting and drinking drivers this time of year. Actually, they watch for it all year, but they ramp up aroun...
One thing that I have noticed ovet the last few years is that more and more people don't want to buy a house or a lot with an HOA. I've actually had several people say right off the bat that, " I don't want to look at anything that has an HOA". That eliminates a lot of properties, but I know how ...
As ridiculous as it sounds, there must have been enough complaints for this new rule/regulation to be created. Personally, I do not rush to make referrals or recommendations on lenders, inspectors, etc. I do point out that certains lenders do or don't do 203K loans for example. I also ask both bu...
Frederick MD business closing. If you read the story in attached link about Jeyykl and Hyde Restaurant closing down, it appears the owner had a good idea of what contributed this business failure. He actually mentions that his location was hidden, and that many people didn't even know they were t...
Every year it's the same old story. As soon as weather turns cold, there is a rash of home fires that lead to injury and death. Why? Because people don't plan ahead and prepare for winter months. They grab some cheap electric heater and stick it in kids bedrooms. They try to start furnaces forget...

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