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Occasionally I run across situations where I ask an agent a question about a property, and the agent will respond with something like " I doubt they will want to do that", or " I'm going to wait to see if any more offers come in before I present any offers to sellers". In the following outline, I...
 I know many times we just need to tell a client or customer that we just can't work with them. It could be a variety of reasons, like getting a straight answer out of them is nearly impossible, they think they can buy a $350,000.00 property for $195,000.00, they know more than every agent and m...
 When scheduling listings appointments, I will usually ask whoever I'm talking with if their husband or wife is going to be there? Sometimes that question seems to catch the person I'm talking with a little off guard. Some will ask " Why do you need to know that"? Well, based on the variety of si...
Had to share this one. If you ever had doubts about how good of a photographer you were, these photos should make you feel better and erase some of those doubts. Taking quality photos and videos these days is an ongoing learning experience, but there are so many effective photo editing software p...
It seems I/we are always running across new companies that think they can solve all the problems in real estate for buyers and sellers! Yet, they all seem to offer a " Pro- Realtor subscription" for a monthly fee. Agents will sign up for many of these for a while just to test them out, but many a...
There is a full schedule of events today in The Plains VA from Steeplechase races, Jack Russell Terrior races, Hat contests, watch The Kentucky Derby, and more! Activities start at 10am and go through 7pm. I believe there will be a variety of wines available as well, so consider bringing a design...

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