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Experts project home prices will go up in 2024 and that sounds like good news. Watch the short video below.  Let’s connect to go over what’s happening with home prices in our local area.Sources for Data in Video
Winning Plays for Buying a Home in Today’s Market [INFOGRAPHIC]Some Highlights In today's housing market, you can still come out on top if you have the right team and plan. To win when buying a home, you need to build your team, make strategic plays, consider what’s in and out of bounds, and stan...
Are you unsure about whether to sell your house? Even though affordability has improved this year, it's still a bit tight, and that might be something you're concerned about. However, understanding your home equity could make your decision easier. According to an article from Bankrate:“Home equit...
Proven Strategies for Buying a Home in a Volatile Housing Market Nancy Ella, reports on our constantly changing housing prices, and mortgage rates. Several strategies can help potential homebuyers navigate the uncertainty. These strategies include:1. **Monitor Mortgage Rates**: Keep a close eye o...
Home Prices Forecast To Climb over the Next 5 Years [INFOGRAPHIC]Some Highlights If you’re worried about what’s next for home prices, know the HPES shows experts are projecting they’ll continue to rise at least through 2028. Based on that forecast, if you bought a $400,000 house this year, expert...
What Lower Mortgage Rates Mean for Your Purchasing PowerIf you want to buy a home, it's important to know how mortgage rates impact what you can afford and how much you’ll pay each month. Fortunately, rates for 30-year fixed mortgages have come down significantly since the end of October and are ...
Achieving Your Homebuying Dreams in 2024 [INFOGRAPHIC]Some Highlights Planning to buy a home in 2024? Here’s what to focus on. Improve your credit score, plan for your down payment, get pre-approved, and decide what’s most important to you. Let’s connect so you have expert advice on how to achiev...
Luxury Valley Homes;What are your goals for 2024? Let’s connect and find a home that has enough room for you to reach your goals this year.
Don't underestimate the significance of pre-approval if you're considering purchasing a home. Rather than jumping ahead to envision your new living room or enjoying your future all-season patio, make sure you prioritize this vital step by working with a reputable lender. Here's why it's crucial.A...
The Benefits of Working With an Agent When You Sell Your House [INFOGRAPHIC]Some Highlights When it comes to selling your house, the expertise of a trusted real estate agent can make a big difference. They’ll explain what’s happening today, what that means for you, and how to price and market you...

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