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Team Butler! I am proud to be associated with a great bunch of agents with all experience levels always willing to lend a helping hand, team spirit is very important in running a successful office, we are like family in many ways. You can find us on game day enjoying each others company and learn...
Sellers this is a buyers market, You must make your home stand out! If your home is listed please keep it clean, tidy, and uncluttered at all times, I know it is a pain but every time you leave your home to go to work or whatever, leave it as if it is going to be shown that day. I cannot tell you...
Here in Butler Pennsylvania Real Estate is still holding it's own much better than most of the country, but there are still way too many homes sitting on the market with very little activity. I'm sure we all see this an agent does a CMA for a listing appointment and comes up with a great target ...
  I was wondering in your opinion what gets you more contacts, Holding an open house or doing floor time? I have held many Open Houses and it seems that I only get one or maybe two good contacts where on Foor Tme I can get double or more and they tend to be more serious than the ones from Open Ho...
I recently had an Open House with a drawing for a $100.00 Gas Card,  (1) person showed up! I had an ad in the paper, sent out invitations and flyers there are easily hundreds  of people all around as this showing was in the city. Everyone seems to be afraid of a catch, Oh well! I think I'll go ba...
    I'm about to try a new strategy, I get alot of people through my open houses and most of them attempt to fill out the register but very few fill it out completely, I was thinking that with the high price of gas these days that I might have a gas card drawing  with instructions stating that re...
  What do you do to draw people to your open houses?                                    I bet there are a lot of creative things being done to                                     create excitement. I've seen everything from door prizes to pony                                     rides. please sha...
As you know I am just starting out and wondered if anyone had any special tips for hand outs  for agent recognition that would not be too expensive that I could hand out at open houses and for mailers.  content tips or examples would be greatly appreciated.Thanks-Jeff
After lots of research I came to the conclusion that the Palm Treo is the most used PDA for the Real Estate Industry,   as it even can replace the key pad to gain entry to lock boxes ect.   I am thinking about purchasing a Palm Treo 750 as I have to go with AT&T for the best reception in my area....
Well I don't know about any one else  but I have a love hate relationship with winter, I love it when the ground is frozen but hate it when the ground thaws and the dogs track the mud in. no matter how much you wipe their paws it still gets tracked in.

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