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Florida Architect John Henry blogs on a variety of subjects, from personal thoughts about state of the art architectural design and historical examples to motivational topics, local Orlando information, and humorous stories.
Since the last recession, I was flummoxed by lack of web traffic.  I thought it was simply the downturn but I hadn't even heard of Google Analytics and lo and behold, my web was flagged for nasty backlinks.   I wrote a letter to Google disavowing the backlinks.  THAT DIDN'T WORK I revamped my old...
When I first designed my web with MS FrontPage a few years back, there were few sources online to explain how SEO worked best.  For those owning websites that are your principle contact to a public that is searching for your services, backlinks are crucial to your success.I read that 'reciprocal ...
My newer Blackberry arrived and after 10 minutes I wanted to pull out my hair.  (see initial post of this diatribe here; keep in mind this post is filed under 'Just for Fun')My uncle invited me into a late 50s (?) push-button transmission Dodge.  It was neat.  I am sure that he could get into a 2...
Orlando has six Historic Districts.  Any new construction or remodeling has to be presented to the Historic Preservation Board for review in order to judge compliance with regulations on style, colors, massing, setbacks, permeability ratio, fenestration, etc.John Henry was asked to design a 2,800...
Oh yes, like a drug addict, I couldn't wait another day.  The craving wouldn't stop.  I had to ease the pain.Have you ever sat in front of a dinner partner and after the ordering and small talk are over, they pick up their cell phone and look through messages, a dozen feeds, and start playing a g...
I received a call from a friendly builder several years back.  He had a hot prospect for a substantial custom home.  It was a hush-hush project.  Usually, this means a celebrity or some kind of political figure.  He wanted to get a meeting going right away in order to determine the exact requirem...
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."  It was in the middle of the last recession...The first call was interesting.  Strong British accent, very knowledgable, name-dropper, affable.  He wanted a 60,000 SF house near the Atlantic coast north of Daytona.He knew building methods a...
Architects: John Henry & Jeana BurtGarage: 3 Car,  Bedrooms: 4+, Flex Room: Office | 5th Bedroom, Bathrooms: 4 Full , 1 Half A/C Sq. Footage: 4,956 Developed for a beautiful lot on the Winter Park chain of lakes, Architect of Record John Henry has created two elevation/facades based on the same f...
For those who have the time and stamina, and possibly a flexible budget, designing and building a custom home can be a joy and a proud achievement.If you don't wish to go through months of planning, thinking and imagining, starting from zero, and not seeing what you are getting in the end, then y...
I grew up walking on terrazzo floors before I even knew what they were.  Solid, beautifully colored, typically on a black or light ground with specks of stones embedded, and completely moisture resistant.  Smooth, shiny, easy to maintain, nearly impossible to mar. Spills easy to clean up.  As tou...

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