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Florida Architect John Henry blogs on a variety of subjects, from personal thoughts about state of the art architectural design and historical examples to motivational topics, local Orlando and Florida statistics and general information, and humorous stories.
I've spent HOURS formatting email campaigns, changed the subject, graphics, offers, information, etc. I have sent out multiple automated emails to hundreds of contacts.  I have repeated them.I have had absolutely NO positive results, a few meager responses from only my own area, none from those I...
A famous Roman philosopher had a beautiful villa built high on a hill, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, many hundreds of feet below.  He and his wife loved the new abode which seemed to give them everything they desired: privacy, the ability to think and write, an inspiring view and perfect wea...
I don't know where to start.This morning as I was doing my part to mass immunize-- (outdoor breakfast with friends in Winter Park) we were discussing how texting was a difficult medium in which to communicate accurately and effectively.Then this blockbuster statement was made: 90% of all communic...
wouldn't that be a nice dream come true?? 
The inhabitants of our largest cities, taking advantage of technology that we have used to build infrastructures that enable high-density living and working environments, have been vulnerable to the rate of infection from the common cold or flu to a pandemic virus from the moment those glass and ...
Actually, it's not that bad out there. For the moment.I have gone copasetic in fact.The traffic is amazingly smooth, there are fewer people running around and those that are are truly enjoying their walks with each other or their doggies.I am paying half of what I used to for premium gas and goin...
The Thrill of the Chase: Philately  It started as a cache of stamps carefully torn or cut from family correspondence and from friends who thought I’d be interested.  Mom had held many for years hoping one day I would want to collect them.  She would show me a few every now and then. (image above,...
I think it's the blank space out there...the silence.the short jaunts back to the same place.the abandoned streets and no trafficI don't know about everybody else here, but it is finally starting to get to me.At first I thought: this can't really be that big of a problem.  you just sit at home or...
I just received an unsolicited call from an AV (audiovisual installations) company.  I could have just hung up or given a quick excuse to get off the line and back to doing what was 'really important'.My guess was that the caller was going down the yellow pages and just cold calling anyone who sp...
As a break to all the vital announcements and pronouncements day to day in the last three weeks, we have all started to watch some movies on TV for a mental break...Oh, look! Here are three unusual characters prancing around with a little girl, arm in arm, speaking loudly in each other's face!  A...

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