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Florida Architect John Henry blogs on a variety of subjects, from personal thoughts about state of the art architectural design and historical examples to motivational topics, local Orlando information, and humorous stories.
Yes, it took a horror flick to make something perfectly clear...My wife's brother's son - nephew?- is an aspiring movie actor.  He's been in several movies, occasionally with a star actor.He was cast in a voodoo horror movie recently and last weekend we were invited to a screening at a local horr...
A popular analogy to some very excellent posts in recent days, I think by Barbara Todaro especially. An engine is designed to give maximum performance when it is running smoothly and the cylinders are working properly.  They all work together in fact and are TIED together with gears, camshaft, et...
by Steven Stills, Buffalo Springfield 1966 There's something happening hereWhat it is ain't exactly clearThere's a man with a gun over thereTelling me I got to beware I think it's time we stop, children, what's that soundEverybody look what's going down Battle lines being drawnNobody's right if e...
Beware of the virus that feeds, amazingly enough, on too little rather than too much...Imagine you are sitting in a very contemporary, clean lines, simple and geometrically intriguing house.  These are the kind of houses illustrated and promoted in the architectural glossies that sit on many coff...
It appears AR readership was not sufficiently impressed with my horror story, so I have realized that I need to share the white-knuckled truth about something that happens all around us and can create so much anguish and pain... but is rarely reported.Oh the horrors!!  The consternation!!  The wr...
Amazing what just a little more effort on your part makes in either closing a deal or getting closer to one.  Or gives you a solid reputation for being special...There are many ways you can go the extra mile and good reasons to do that.1.  When your clients are on the edge of a decision and may b...
Well, you've probably read about "Follies" in English gardens.  These are typically classical gazebos, ancient pyramids, faux ruins, decorative bridges, and other like pavilions to make the landscape interesting.  If you visit Bonnie England and go to Blenheim Palace or other large 'piles' (the B...
 1. OK, now Google Gmail wants to finish my sentences in my return emails.  I can't take this anymore!~  It's already bad enough that we don't talk to each other much and text and email primarily, but now the little communication I have left to convey is being co-opted by some clown HTML in the n...
Here are two new videos of Traditional/Classical architectural designs that seem to work very well with Marti Garaughty's inspirational music.  The video was made using animoto.  The previous video was paired with Contemporary Houses but I think the transcendental composition works best with the ...
When I was in high school, isolated from the rest of the world overseas in Turkey, all we had were movies and music to keep us entertained.  I had a model railroad track, slot cars, models, and blocks.  The blocks, even though I had 'graduated' to erector sets, were fascinating and on those tile ...

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