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Florida Architect John Henry blogs on a variety of subjects, from personal thoughts about state of the art architectural design and historical examples to motivational topics, local Orlando and Florida statistics and general information, and humorous stories.
Merry Christmas to all on AR! now, it's time for: "VINTAGE Holiday Greetings" Post your best vintage holiday photo.  Winner will be judged by three volunteers and receive a FREE custom home Schematic Design (floor plans and front elevation/facade) to offer their potential clients who are looking ...
Why is it important to write well?  Accurate, clear, and correct use of the English language in business communication is vital in every company, large and small.  It is possibly your first 'calling card' and marketing expression. If words are the first sense of WHO YOU ARE viewed by potential cl...
You don't hear this word very often nowadays.  It came along with 'hey is for horses', 'look out for number one', 'made in the shade', 'knuckle sandwich', 'hipster or beatnik', 'no guts no glory', etc. Dad used to get flustered and demand: "Don't you have any gumption??"I had to look it up again ...
Ever wonder where that 7 tap door knock routine came from?It was in a vaudeville play around 1899.  In musical terms it is a 'call and response' couplet of 7 notes.  It was used in many comedic routines and light music fare at the start and end of a tune.More seriously this shibboleth was used in...
No, this is not about a branding moment...We tend to do a lot of couch potato TV watching over weekends --especially if there are no good movies out.  And so we ended up late last night watching the original b/w film about Charles Dickens' classic "A Christmas Carol".  I think Charles titled his ...
I played football for only a short while in high school.  I did not follow it after that.  I preferred baseball and basketball.  Sports is a good analogy to assess your abilities to 'play' any game or operate a business and to judge whether you will succeed.Something is very clear in football: th...
I really haven't been much for motivational posts.  But after being on AR for several months now, I think I am a believer...A few weeks ago a good friend of mine here in Orlando - Carlene Julian, real estate agent of many years - mentioned the 2 ft. rule.  I had never heard of it.  We were talkin...
I have heard the phrase "If not now, when?" several years ago.  It came up recently in a conversation as well.  I had worked out a custom home design with a client that he loved but the subdivision review board rejected it for various reasons.  Crushed after several months of work, the project la...
I have been flying Southwest for several years and have always enjoyed their humor on board and at the gate (this last trip to see grandkids they staged a paper airplane contest with a bottle of wine to the winner).  Even going down the 'gangplank' there are posters of witty SW ads.  The paper ai...
It was at the beginning of my second year here in Orlando after having moved from Texas in '87 (after OPEC ruined the economies of the gas producing states).I had taken over a very large luxury home and we were discussing the details of the plans on site when out of nowhere......this older, saggi...

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