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Florida Architect John Henry blogs on a variety of subjects, from personal thoughts about state of the art architectural design and historical examples to motivational topics, local Orlando and Florida statistics and general information, and humorous stories.
1.  THE POWER OF A SIGNSo I'm sitting at my French pastry spot with my breakfast buddies the other day.  A huge truck comes by and there is an enormous sign on its side touting a new adult alcoholic beverage...  A guy in a bomber jacket, unshaven, holding up a shot of something.  The name: Aviati...
I am recycling my original post to show how musical groups became famous in the 60s and what important takeaways we can glean! Before the www: what did a poor boy have, in sleepy London town, to keep his name in front of fans, and shake the old town down?!Why...the Stones, Bob Dylan, et al... had...
I was at a mixer the other day at West Palm and my high school buddy was there and we started talking about marketing.  It apparently was difficult for him (in the cabinet business) to 'break in' to the local market.  And he had been there for over 15 years!  More about that later...He asked me t...
If you are one who realizes that change is constant and you should be on top of it, then consider how AIVA will affect YOU.  The devices, like Siri and Alexa, take voice commands and process them through a cloud service.  People are now talking to their machines on a regular basis.  The companies...
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Med Diet is the best to beat diabetes, high cholesterol, dementia, memory loss, depression, and breast cancer.  Read all about it here in today's CNN article.And also check out my landmark AR post a few months ago on this same topic. The article describes what to ea...
For the best information about branding please contact Ron and Alexandra Seigel. Recent posts from Alexandra and Ron, and something I viewed on YouTube yesterday concerning intellectual property and musical instrument branding led me to ponder....  Getting all 'branded up' is not any guarantee of...
DISCLAIMER: Those in the know... PLEASE flame this blog if what you read below is incorrect!Right: what in the world am I talking about??If you are editing your own web and you publish, then do a browser search with your keywords to check to see how it published or if ranking changed.....DO NOT C...
Europe has a wonderful history of artful grace, music, and majestic buildings.  For much of the continent  devastated after WW2 the need for reconstruction at a fast pace was critical to keep people safe and housed.  The industrialization of the building trades was instrumental in making that goa...
"Aacckkk!!! I am getting known for everything except luxury home design here on AR!!!"The above statement was going to be the title for this blog -- but at about 3 am, I decided to change it.  Not only did it not reflect the original topic of this blog, but that I had a revelation about this subj...
1.  Great ideas!     I have learned amazing things that have helped me in my business/relationships, tech stuff, etc.  Pushed me ahead into a larger game and got me thinking about so many important aspects of SEO, branding, marketing, etc. that I have been able to incorporate!2.  Super smart and ...

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