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Has the time come to make some tough decisions? If you've outgrown your present home, there are two questions to ask yourself:  Should I add on to my present home, giving me the needed extra room or amenities, and allowing me to stay where I am? Or should I sell and purchase another home that al...
Selling your home this year? Here are some simple but effective ideas for a successful showing:Leave the house during each showing. Buyers will not be comfortable bringing up objections with you around; let your Realtor® handle the showing and point out your home's best features.Turn on every li...
When it comes to buying a home, how do you choose a real estate agent? A spin of the wheel of fortune is one familiar method – making phone calls to many different real estate companies that advertise in the newspaper or that you find online. Each time you dial a number, you get a different agen...
We've always had dogs - usually two, and at one time we had three. We like terriers and when we had three, one was an Airedale and the other two were Welsh terriers. If you don't know the breeds, the Airedales weigh in at about 45-60 lbs. and they are a medium-sized black and tan dog. The Welsh t...
Isn't this is a wonderful time of year? Cheerful lights turn dark houses into welcoming neighborhoods.  People are rushing about, but often they are also smiling and laughing. Drivers are more courteous, and traffic lights are dressed for the season.  Good wishes and familiar carols fill the air...
Imagine going out to purchase a new dining room suite of furniture.  You find just the right one, and the salesperson asks how you plan to pay for it.  You answer, "Gee, I hadn't thought about that!"  The next question is, "Do you want to pay by check?"  After a look at your checkbook balance yo...
A curious change has taken place within the real estate marketplace. I'm not talking about the shift from Seller's market to Buyer's market. And I'm not talking about mortgage rates. I'm talking about real estate commission rates going up!Why would that be, you may ask. Well, aside from increased...
Have you noticed the way clothing stores are displaying their suits, dresses, and blouses these days? They're showing off their clothing in ways that result in faster sales at higher prices. Take blouses. Rather than just having rack after rack, the store displays a manikin wearing the blouse as...
Have you ever noticed what happens when members of your community suddenly find themselves in need? Perhaps illness strikes, or fire. The call goes out from friends and family, and soon help arrives in the form of comfort, or nourishment, or many hands willing to help rebuild.In real estate there...
Choosing a REALTOR® to represent you in the sale of your home can be a mighty important decision. You might ask, "Is there a checklist available to help me compare REALTORS and make my choice easier?" Or "What traits do I look for in a person who will assist me in the sale of my most valuable pos...

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Your best resource for real estate information and services on the North Shore and Cape Ann areas of Massachusetts.