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Here's a story you may want to share with any prospective sellers that are thinking of going the FSBO route:Imagine you are planning a great party for your closest friends. You want to save money where you can, so instead of paying for printing you buy some generic invitations. Then to save time ...
How would you like to know when the real estate market has hit the bottom and prices can be expected to appreciate again? Wouldn't that knowledge be worth a great deal? Well, believe it or not, I can tell you when that will happen. And if you want, I will share my knowledge with you.You see, it's...
Do your clients know how many people will have an impact on the final sale, the closing date, and the amount of money they receive from the sale of their home? Five? Ten? They might be surprised to know there are over twenty of them: The real estate agentThe buyer The buyer's spouse The buyer's a...
Have you noticed that many For Sale signs (especially on the Massachusetts North Shore) appear to have put down roots on the front lawns of the homes for sale?  And how about the number of signs dotting our neighborhoods?  It's staggering!In some instances, it appears that the only people that ar...
It's said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Each of us sees the world through different eyes, don't we?  So of course, we each view it differently. The same holds true for buyers for your home.  The buying public comes from every conceivable walk of life, and each individual is looking ...
You've just listed your home "For Sale." As your agent leaves, you shake hands, and then say, "Keep in touch!" To an active professional real estate agent, "Keep in touch!" means more than just "call me when you have news."  Regular contact with the seller is important, of course. Keeping in tou...
Considering that the trend for home values on the Massachusetts North Shore real estate has been the lowering of prices for about 18 months, it is encouraging to note that a certain sector of the market is moving along at a steady pace. I'm talking about homes priced over $1 million.And in the "e...
When you sell your home, who sets the price? How can you be sure the price is neither too high nor too low? As the homeowner, you set the price on your own house. Period. Your real estate agent you will provide useful information to help you decide on the price, but the final decision will be you...
Here's a report without the usual "spin" or "happy face" customarily displayed by those in our industry that refuse to face/disclose the facts.The following was reported in the Boston Globe's Business section on January 26th, written by Kimberly Blanton:Massachusetts house prices tumbled 5.4 perc...
Massachusetts single-family housing sales had their worst December since 1991, and the median sale price fell 8.1 percent to $310,000 in December 2006, the lowest monthly figure since March 2004, according to a report by the Warren Group, a Boston provider of real estate data and the publisher of...

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Your best resource for real estate information and services on the North Shore and Cape Ann areas of Massachusetts.